About us

The History of 1 Meter Chocolate begins in 1877, with the war between the Russian and Ottoman empire, which led to the liberation of Bulgaria.

Svishtov is the first Bulgarian city, seized by the Russian empire. Russian emperor King Aleksander II and army chief Duke Nikolay Nikolaevich positioned their headquarters in the outskirts of the city.

Everyday life in the Imperial headquarters included not only military actions, but also the traditional royal banquets, where champagne was a must accompanied by a lot of chocolate…

Famous with their entrepreneurial spirit, Svishtov merchants quickly respond to the demand and started to produce chocolate. Due to the constant demand of the emperor for chocolate, the merchants casted it in 1 meter long molds.

This is how the 1 Meter Chocolate TM tradition began

Today, in its original form, the chocolate delicacy is only prepared in Pallatium Hotel Manastira Svishtov…